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The Universal Church of Baba's Kitchen was founded in 2007, and has been helping people on many different levels ever since, ranging from healing sessions to serving free lunches to the homeless and needy. 

UCBK received Valley Churches United's beautiful "Angel Of The Year" award in 2011, in recognition of our on-going Free Friday Lunch program for the homeless and those in need.

We help our veterans! by extending FREE healings to veterans, for easing PTSD and other symptoms.

UCBK is also a proud member of The Twilight Brigade/Compassion In Action, providing end of life support to veterans & others in hospice situations. 


UCBK is a healing community. We meet together as healers, as spiritual students, as serviceful people dedicated to making a difference in the world. 

The healing practitioners at UCBK offer healing sessions that affect mind, body, heart and soul. 

Drawing on a wide variety of tools -- ancient miracle energy techniques from India -- we can help you re-ignite your own inner healing mechanism, to create powerful shifts in your life and experience.

These healings can either happen in person in Santa Cruz, or in West LA, or at a distance. 

In the divine energy, time and space are no barriers to sharing the healing.

 Find out more about personal
healing sessions by clicking here.


As a peaceful healing center (mostly online right now since we've had to move out of our Bonny Doon location in the Santa Cruz mountains), UCBK is open to everyone, regardless of religious faith or spiritual path, or none.

(Find out more about UCBK's mission here.)

UCBK offers a wide variety of healing experiences & training in spiritual energy channels linked to Shirdi Sai Baba, one of the most famous and beloved saints of India.

We invite you to join us in this on-going adventure, receiving the energy and divine fragrance of this Sai Shakti tradition.



Alx Uttermann & Jonathan D. Rosen
Healers, Teachers, & Ministers,
The Universal Church of Baba's Kitchen


Email UCBK here
or call

The UCBK Satsang Community, January 2010      


SEE THE VIDEOS.... in our new Video Gallery!

Click here to see heart-warming community service, music (kirtan & bhajan), and other UCBK videos!



 Healings, Events
in Santa Cruz
& Los Angeles

& on the internet

Please see the Events
page for details!

See our new
Video Gallery!!

"The candle shapes
may be different,
but the flame is
the same."

- Sri Kaleshwar

Healing Kirtan Concerts!

Music as Medicine: Lifting Body & Soul Through Sacred Song

See The Mystic JAMMS concerts page for detailed information.  Or listen to MP3 files here.


You're welcome to make a tax-deductible donation of any size to support our healing work in the world.

UCBK is always happy to receive your kind support, and to translate your donations into care
for others.

Thank you, in advance, for your open-hearted contribution.

Healing Fire Homas

Sponsor a homa!

Every full moon & new moon, UCBK conducts high-powered Vedic healing fire ceremonies, called homas or yagyams.

What's a homa?

This month's homa schedule available here

Shirdi Namastotram:
The 108 Names
Of Shirdi Sai Baba

Text download (PDF) here

Mp3 Audio here

Browse The Soul Shop For Healing Music & Yantras

Bring The Mystic Jamms Band's medicinal music home with you
or meditate with an exquisite copper yantra for self-healing...

Regular events: 

Join UCBK on THURSDAY nights, for Sai Shakti Satsang and healing meditations in the Santa Cruz mountains.

See the
Regular Events page for details.

"Satsang was grrrrrreat! I love that you two bit off a big chunk and got down to it. The topic sparks my conviction and dedication to the healing process."     -- J. T., Santa Cruz


Join Sai Shakti Satsang by PHONE from anywhere in the world!

"I am literally amazed, impressed and inspired that the Divine knowledge can be so wonderfully, skillfully and thoroughly presented and shared by satsang-over-the-phone..."   
   - C.M., Palo Alto, CA

To join the growing Remote Sai Shakti Satsang calls, drop an email to Baba's Kitchen here.



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